The Leeds Salute

The Leeds Salute page is the place where I pay homage to supporters who make you proud to be a Leeds fan. Dedication, eccentricity or complete madness; whatever drives them to go beyond the call of duty in the name of Leeds United, it's time to give them the recognition they deserve.

A Word About The Leeds Salute

If you not sure what the Leeds Salute is, you can alleviate your shame by studying the following description posted on the Electronic Kop website.

"The Leeds Salute is now a well established part of our culture, to do it make a fist with your right arm place the thumb edge of the fist on your heart, extend your arm fully outwards and slightly upwards. The salute is used when we get a corner kick and is accompanied but a low grunting LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS."

As with most legends the quest to find the true origins of The Leeds Salute are shrouded in myth and mystery. However, we may not have to call on the services of Hollwood A list actor and Leeds fan Tom Hanks just yet; because back in June, the official Leeds United website published an article entitiled "The Leeds Salute. What, where, why and how?".

You can read the article in full by Clicking Here

Bob (Fanzone) Tappin We Salute You (LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS)

Who needs Shakespeare when you've got Bob Tappin to express in words the joy of being a Leeds fan.

Jari (AKA Sir Edwin Gray) We Salute You (LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS)

I first came across Jari through the LUFC-Finland Forum a couple of years ago when I was doing my old Leeds United Blog. Jari has uploaded a brilliant collection of photographs from his trips from Finland to see Leeds United play. He has also uploaded some iconic Leeds United pictures from 1978.

My personal favourite is a picture taken from his Helsinki relegation party special. The photo of various memorabilia, includes an article about a plane with a Leeds United Champions banner flying above the Helsinki skies in 1992. How cool is that?

(Jari's Leeds United 1978 Photo Set)

(Jari's Leeds United Photo Set; Feb 2003 - May 2006)

Amar Sattar We Salute You (LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS)

I discovered the legend that is Amar Sattar after he posted the brilliant video below on to Facebook's original Leeds United group. Entitled Global support for Leeds is still strong he offered the following description.

After showing yeboahs top 5 goals I finally converted these kids (from Korea) into Leeds fans.

Amar Sattar then posted his video on to YouTube with the additional tagline:

and who said everyone in Asia supported man u..LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!

Amar Sattar you are an absolute genius sir - Leeds United are about to go viral.

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