I'm Leeds And I'm Proud of It

Many thanks for visiting we-all-love-leeds.com, which at the time of writing (October 2009), is still very much work in progress. As I mention on the home page I was born in Seacroft in 1969, but what I didn't mention is that my name is David. Nothing wrong with that per se, but unfortunately for me, my surname is Webb.

I often imagine the scene with my parents discussing what they should call me.

David's a nice name...David Webb...Isn't that the name of a Chelsea footballer?...yes, but it's not as if he is going to score the winning goal against leeds in a FA cup final replay next year!!!

I fully understand if you can't watch the following clip, great move and goal by Jones though who gives an object lesson in how to silence the boo boys!

Can you imagine the shit I had to put up with being called David Webb and growing up in Leeds in the 1970s?

The modern day equivalent would be turning up for your first day at a new school in Beeston and the teacher saying "We have a new member of the class joining us today, so make sure you all find the time to give Alan Smith a special Leeds welcome.

Despite the ignominy of being called David Webb and the constant piss taking I had to endure as a result, I am proud to call Leeds United my team. There's something special about being a Leeds fan, if you support the club you get it, if you're not a supporter, just explore the website and you soon will.

Before you go and to make up for the video above have a look at this classic. OLAY'S at the ready!

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