Leeds United Distractor

If losing didn't feel so shit, winning wouldn't feel so sweet, but as we all know that's really not much comfort at the time.

With this in mind, say hello to the Leeds United Distractor page which as the promotional picture featuring Big Leeds United fan Justin Timberlake above notes; should only to be accessed (hopefully not too often) after defeat.

The leeds united distractor page simply consists of funny, puerile, immature things to take your mind off the game.

The Mystery of The Pre-Season Tour Solved

Traditionally leeds United would prepare for the start of the Premiership season with a pre-season tour of sweden. I always wondered why this was the case until now. Go back a few years and imagine David O'Leary posing the following question. Right lads where do fancy playing pre-season? Sweden or Newcastle?

I think the following video provides the definitive answer. By the way, Bowyer & Woodgate would have voted for Newcastle! Oh and watch out for darts commentator Sid Waddell letting his hair down!

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