Leeds United Film Quiz

(Photo Credit: Kenneth Lu)

Welcome to the stream of consciousness that is the Leeds United Film Quiz. The thinking behind the quiz is simple, I love Leeds United and I love films and I wondered if it was possible to combine the two. Well, much to my delight I discovered that you can indeed.

In 2008 The American Film Institute published the top 100 film quotes of all time. Ten of these quotes are featured below in a Leeds United context (hopefully the connection is obvious) and your job is to guess the name of the film the quote comes from and the year that the film was released.

You get 1 point for correctly naming the film and 1 point if you correctly guess the year the film was released. So the maximum score is 20.

The link to the answers along with video clips of the immortal quotes being said can be found after the final quote towards the bottom of the page.

Good luck and "May the force be with you." (Star Wars 1977 in case you're wondering!)

You can find out how you did via the following link.

Leeds United Film Quiz Answer Page

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