Leeds United Film Quiz Answer Page

Here's Johnny! - The Shining 1980

Well, Nobody's Perfect - Some Like It Hot 1959

Show Me The Money! - Jerry Maguire 1996

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of - The Maltese Falcon 1941

I Feel The Need - The Need For Speed! - Top Gun 1986

We'll Always Have Paris - Casablanca 1942

Say "Hello" To My Little Friend! - Scarface 1983

There's No Place Like Home - The Wizard of OZ 1939

Houston, We Have A Problem - Apollo 13 1995

You Talking To Me? - Taxi Driver 1976

Remember, you get 1 point for the name of the film and 1 point if you correctly guess the year the film was released. So the maximum score is 20.

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